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About Wing of Darkness Version 1.03 Patch

The ver.1.03 patch has just been released.

Patch: ver.1.03

Release Date: July 8 (Thursday)

Patch Contents:

-Highest Difficulty Level: Paradox

The Paradox level is an even more challenging* level for advanced players.

*No automatic recovery of aircraft power, and even lower automatic recovery speed of ammunition than in Hard level.

Improvements to the game's shooting element:

Difficulty Level Adjusted

(attack power of own/enemy aircraft, durability of own aircraft)

Enemy Aircraft Attacks Adjusted

(number of bullets fired by enemy aircraft, enemy attack methods)

Enemy Aircraft Size Adjusted

(rendering of enemy aircraft enlarged)

Armaments (Ammunition) Fired by Own/Enemy Aircraft Improved

(improved visibility of ammunition fired by own/enemy aircraft and indicators)

Effects/Sound Adjusted

Balance Adjustment of Own Armament(s)

(attack power of certain weapons)

UI Text Size Adjusted

(text enlarged, partial adjustment of UI in shooting part)

-Various other bug fixes.

If you have any questions or inquiries about the game, please contact us at:

The development team will continue working to ensure the best gameplay experience possible.

We hope you continue to enjoy playing Wing of Darkness.

Kazufumi Narawa

Producer, Production Exabilities



『有翼のフロイライン Wing of Darkness』発売日延期のお知らせ

各種のリリースにて発表をさせて頂きましたが『有翼のフロイライン Wing of Darkness』につきまして発売予定日を2021年2月25日(木)から 2021年6月3日(木) に延期させて頂きます。 『有翼のフロイライン Wing of Darkness』につきましては ・ゲーム内のヴィジュアル表現 ・コンセプトである爽快感のあるゲームデザイン ・カットシーン演出の強化 ・爽快感と難易度が両立


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