An unyielding military force  

  has invaded, wreaking havoc from up above.   

   Blotting out the sky with their sheer size and multitude have earned them the name Blanker.   

   Humanity has placed their hopes in a newly developed aircraft along with its pilots, the Fräulein.  

 Take to the skies in this fast-paced aerial shooter  

  as you battle against enemy squadrons to rid the world of the scourge.  

  Customize and upgrade your HELT-System to give yourself every advantage  

  to overcome your foes. 

  As a Fräulein, you are one of the few gifted with  

  the ability to pilot a Held System.  

   Experience first-hand what it takes to rout the enemy.  

   Outmaneuver and bombard your opponents relentlessly to succeed.  



・Fast paced aerial combat  

・Equip a variety of weapons to suit the situation  

・See a new story unfold in this single-player action game  



  The world was at war, halted only by a common enemy.  

  The combined military forces unable to defeat the Blanker, were on the brink of annihilation.  

  Hope was found by chance, through the development of the HELT-System, an Anti-Blanker armament.  

  Managing to fell a Blanker through the use of the new weapon, they were also able to  

  discover that its female pilot, was an integral part of the success of their achievement.  

  Klara, a seemingly average person, has her life thrown into a whirlwind when she is recruited as a  

  new Fräulein. Here her journey of self-discovery begins. 



 Klara ERNST 

 CV: Kiyono YASUNO 


 CV: Chihira MOCHIDA 

  Born in the southern area of the Federated Republic.  

  The oldest daughter of 6 siblings.   

  She loves her family and is strong-willed, but she’s not  

  the best when it comes to handling delicate things.   

  By a stroke of luck, she was found to have an aptitude to be 

  a Fräulein. With the determination to protect her homeland and her

  loved ones, she enlisted as a Fräulein. Enjoys cooking, drinking beer ,

  as well as taking time out at the hot springs.  

  Born to a military family in the capital of  

  the Federated Republic, she is the youngest of 3 siblings.  

  She graduated early from the military academy  

  with stellar grades, but her serious personality means that  

  she isn’t able to relax and react to change.  

  She has her own reasons for enlisting as a Fräulein.  

  She likes to watch the opera and drink coffee.  


 "Held System" 

 Refers to the Anti-Blanker armament,    

    Created from the parts salvaged from crashed Blanker    

    by Professor Hannah Von Neumann of the Federated Republic.    

    Compared to other air-crafts it is faster and far more combat capable,    

    allowing it to go toe to toe with Blankers.    

    There is however one crucial drawback.    

    Those who don’t have an aptitude to operate it will find it impossible to do so.    

    As a result, there are only a limited number of Held Systems that are operable for military use.    

    So far, only women have shown to have the aptitude to operate a Held System.    



  An advanced military force.  

  Their origins and objectives are unknown.  

  However, their actions have shown them to be a threat to humanity.  


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